We Put The 🚀 In Startups

"Starting a company is like staring into the abyss and eating glass" - Elon Musk

We agree! Entrepreneurship is always going to be hard, but it doesn’t have to be this hard. We have a series of products and services designed to make entrepreneurship much, much, easier than eating glass.

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"A mini business empire"

- money.com

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We've Built The Path You Need To Succeed

We provide a versatile range of services to support entrepreneurs at any stage or scale.

A competition TV show on entrepreneurship, online education, hands-on mentorship, website design, app development, supplements to increase heighten your flow states - we've got it all covered.

The Blox

The Blox is the greatest mobile app for entrepreneurs in the galaxy. Its keynote asset is a competition television show about entrepreneurs living inside of a residential business incubator. The idea is we put our curriculum inside of a tv show so you could learn while being entertained. The app augments the TV show with features such as talk show-style consults, meditations for entrepreneurs, and functional music designed to induce flow states.


Your dream home and my dream home look different; in the same way that your startup and my startup look different. But we both need kitchens, decks, roofs, etc. Just like both of our startups need legal services, accounting, software, videos, manufacturing, etc. BuildingBlox is like your startup’s general contractor. You can use BuildingBlox to source the best and most affordable contractors for the infinite things you’ll eventually need to build your dream startup. We ensure quality work, delivered on-time, and within your budget.


AlphaBlox is the most comprehensive video-based curriculum for startups ever created. It’s over 8 hours of slides/videos/case studies that walk you as the entrepreneur through your early steps. Things like financing your business, marketing to its first customers, and building an early team.


BetaBlox is a hands-on, skin-in-the-game mentorship program designed to augment a scalable startup throughout the early and growth phases. We do this by pairing you with world-class advisors with highly relevant experience. They will spend time with you on a bi-weekly basis helping you navigate any and all obstacles in your way. To a lone founder, this is the team you need. To a multi-founder team, this is the advisory board you need to keep it on-track.


Here you’ll find a line of brain health supplements designed with entrepreneurs in-mind. FlowState is a nootropic engineered to get your mind right, focused, and energized for the day. FlowDown is meant to calm you down after a long day of work as you prepare for the slumber an entrepreneur needs.

Like Alice In Her Wonderland

choosing from colored potions that dictate her path forward.

Or Like Morpheus,

offering young Neo a choice between the red pill, or the blue pill.
You’re about to make a choice of how far down the our rabbit hole, and where in our wonderland you want to travel.

These Paths Were Made For Very Different Entrepreneurs

So be honest with yourself about what stage of business you’re at – and what you need most.
Use our colors to guide you through our offering in our suggested order…