Our Values

These are the core values and principles we put into every project

1. Keep It Simple

Every product, and the process used to create it, should strive towards simplicity. Simple products are easier to build, they are far more enticing to investors, and they are easier to understand by your users.

Striving for simplicity means solving problems in the way that your customers expect – the law of least surprise. The lower friction a user feels using your product, the higher the probability they adopt it, remain happy over the long term, and ultimately share it with their peers.

Simple products provide more value to more people.

2. Build On Trust

Partnering with you and helping your customers better their lives takes trust. We must believe that each member of the partnership has faith in the others. A shared understanding that we all bring our unique skills to the table while aligned towards a common goal.

For us, we trust our clients to love our services and the successful products we create for them. We offer all clients complete freedom. We never force you into a relationship or pressure you to make decisions not in your best interest.

We will earn your business because you want to work with us, not because you have to.

3. Bring Value First

When building your product, we prioritize the value of your customers first. We develop only the features they need. Anything else is a wasteful disservice to your trust and investment.

We keep a vigilant eye on the user experience of your product, how we believe customers will best want to leverage it and aim always to reduce the risk of your product launch to market.

When presented with a challenge, the question is not, “how do we solve this?” but instead, “how do we best serve the customer?”

4. Learn And Grow

To be successful means staying current with the times. It means reading blogs, adapting to best practices in our industry, learning from our peers, and seeking advice when we need from mentors. We expect each week to be better than our last. We expect each project we build, and our process, to always be better than before.

Continual improvement is tough work. It takes time, dedication, and patience to grow. Small steps are the key. The journey may be long, but consistent action will produce the momentum we need to always overcome our obstacles.

5. Quality Matters

A quality product doesn’t just work; it exceeds a user’s expectations. A user who leaves happy from a product returns in the future. They share it with their friends in hopes to add value to their lives as well. Quality, combined with value, is the engine of growth.

We believe quality is at an intersection of entrepreneurial passion and customer value. Passion creates the vision for what could be and the grit it takes to reach that goal. Customer value ensures the people desire it and the market needs it to thrive.

A high-quality bar raises all parties equally – the partner (us), the company (you), and the customers you serve.

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BuildingBlox is an absolute no-brainer! I was amazed at the amount of work, the quality, and the final product that happened in such a quick amount of time.

Meagan Beam
Founder and CEO, OTTER Reading

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