Season 12

Dr. Universe Konadu

CEO, Universe Konadu - Jersey City, NJ

Dr. Universe Konadu, raised in the inner city of Dallas, TX, as the youngest daughter of a hardworking single mother, experienced the challenges of being a latch-key child. The idle time and lack of supervision led to academic and personal struggles, but her introduction to the arts, particularly spoken-word poetry, became a transformative force in her life. In 2008, driven by intuition and determination, she moved to New York City with just $22 and a dream. Overcoming numerous challenges, Dr. Konadu expanded her work from Texas to the tri-state area, marking the 10th year of her business. Passionate about making a difference, she uses creative arts to empower girls and women, helping them heal their past and turn their pain into personal power. Her vision is to inspire change and empower others to re-imagine their life's trajectory.

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