Season 12

Emily June Wilcox

CEO at Emily Wilcox Coaching - Los Angeles, CA

Emily June Wilcox is a multi 7-figure CEO and Business Coach, Money & Business Mentor, and Podcaster, as well as the creator of Money Wound Medicine™. She is dedicated to helping women walk the joyous path to millions while being a mother of two. Emily has built two 7-figure businesses and a multi 6-figure business, all while raising two children and working just 20 hours a week—a feat accomplished through team building and healing her money wounds. Using her proven Money Wound Medicine™ healing program and personalized, hands-on business coaching, she enables clients to scale their businesses quickly while working less and enjoying life more. Emily has extensive experience with various business models and growth strategies and is an expert in energetics, using her intuition to guide clients into alignment. She has coached over 100 entrepreneurs to heal their money wounds, balance masculine and feminine energy, and align with the joyous path of conscious wealth. Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs build massive wealth while truly enjoying the present moment.

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