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Most Websites Don't Work

The problem for the vast majority websites is that the fail engage their audience or convert visitors into customers.

They don't take a stand. They don't tell a story. They don't convert customers. The list goes on.

It’s not enough to have a website — you need a website that works.

Boring Content

Your website should speak to your customers, not put them asleep. What do they want? What are their problems? It's not about you.

Confusing Stories

A confusing website makes it hard for people to understand what you do and why they should care. Your website should tell your story in a clear way.

No Action

If your website doesn’t tell visitors what to do next, they won’t become your customers. It should guide them on how to buy or sign up.

Our Process

We Help You Succeed Online

Our process is meticulously crafted to best fit the hectic day-to-day world all entrepreneurs live in.

We make it simple and transparent, from start to finish. You're in good hands.

1. Discovery Call

Kick off your project with a discovery call to align our teams on your business specifics and website objectives. This essential step ensures we understand your expectations and can effectively tailor our strategies to meet your business goals.

2. Strategy

Deepen your digital strategy in a focused 90-minute session. We'll refine your brand and marketing strategies to better target your ideal customers, emphasizing clear conversion paths and user engagement. We want to create a bulletproof plan that will drive measurable results.

3. Design

Our design team will create a user-friendly, conversion-focused design that reflects your brand identity and appeals directly to your target audience. We prioritize navigational ease, aesthetic appeal, and conversion elements to ensure every click brings value.

4. Develop

Transitioning from design to development, we build a robust, SEO-friendly, and responsive website. Our focus is on technical excellence that ensures fast load times, smooth interactions, and a secure browsing experience, directly contributing to higher conversions.

5. Launch

Launching your website marks the beginning of our ongoing optimization phase. We monitor key metrics closely and iterate to enhance performance continually. Post-launch, we focus on conversion rate optimization, ensuring that your site not only attracts visitors but effectively converts them into customers.



Our standard website package includes all the essentials for busy entrepreneurs aiming to thrive online. It offers comprehensive brand strategy, effective SEO, stunning design, and much more, tailored to elevate your digital presence.

Brand Identity & Strategy

Includes a 90-minute strategy meeting, competitor research, audience analysis, and creation of brand strategy and creative direction.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Enhance your website's visibility with our targeted on-page SEO strategies. We focus on keyword optimization, meta tags, and structured content to improve search rankings and attract your ideal audience.

Mobile Optimization

Responsive design, fast loading times, and seamless navigation are critical to any high-converting website. We ensure your website performs flawlessly on all devices.

Investment starts at

for 12 months

Brand Strategy Deck
Email Integration
Plugin Configuration
SSL Encryption
Blazing Speed
1 Performance Review
Peace of Mind
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Customizable Add-ons

Your Business. Your Website. Your Way.

Our website package is like a delicious burger, satisfying and essential. But our add-ons? They're the secret sauce and flavorful toppings that make your website uniquely "you," adding that extra layer of flavor and distinction to your online presence.

Domain Management and Support

Let us handle the technical details of domain management, ensuring your online identity stays secure and compliant.


Additional Pages

Extend your website's reach by adding extra pages, whether it's for testimonials, products, or showcasing your company's values and mission.

$300 per page

Blog Integration

Add a dynamic blog to your website, empowering you to share valuable content, boost SEO, and engage your audience.


Content Management

Take control of your website's content. Easily update information, showcase team members, adjust service prices, and more.


E-commerce Solutions

Unlock the potential of online sales with seamless e-commerce integration that maximizes revenue and expands your market.

$1,250 one-time setup

Includes content management add-on

Business Automations

Streamline your operations with automation (a.k.a "magic") tools that save time, enhance efficiency, and help your business thrive.

$1,250 one-time setup

Digital Courses

Transform your expertise into profitable online courses, reaching a wider audience and generating revenue.

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SMS Marketing

Harness the power of SMS marketing to reach your audience directly and drive engagement, conversions, and sales through targeted messages.

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Email Marketing

Elevate your email marketing campaigns with strategic messaging that nurtures leads, builds relationships, and generates consistent results for your business.

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We Help Entrepreneurs Win Online

Explore what our satisfied clients have to say about their journey with BuildingBlox – from idea to digital success.

"The results have been outstanding. My website is now beautiful and consistently drives traffic and leads. With BetaBlox's help, I implemented a sales funnel, showcased social proof, and started scaling my business."

Laura Panozzo

Founder, Marryment

"Before teaming up with BuildingBlox, I spent hours each week on repetitive phone calls, explaining our services and prices. Since launching our website with BuildingBlox, our clients now find all the information they need online, from details about our groomers and our work to testimonials and pricing. Our website has become a welcoming and informative hub, just like our physical shop."

Kelly Murray

Owner, True Love Pet Care

"Seriously, the BuildingBlox process is brilliant. The way the technology aspect (which scares people like me) is blended with intuitive design, subtle details, and true depth for the client and designer to collaborate is powerful. I already feel like I am the one designing it."

Rachel Tahnee Dehler

Founder and CEO, Sonder Breath

"BuildingBlox is great to work with and as a small business owner/solo entrepreneur, it is nice to take website management off the long list of tasks I manage. They're quick response and feedback is perfect so we don't waste time making changes, only to revert them later."
Jill Zambon sitting in a chair with her daughter

Jill Zambon

Founder and CEO, The Parent Project

"Huge kudos shoutout to the BuildingBlox team for helping us fix and launch our landing page. Seriously guys, their absolute rockstars. If you need web design, they’re the solution."
madison durant profile picture

Madison Durant

Founder, Thanks It Has Pockets!

"BuildingBlox is an amazing software resource for our startup company. They’re smart, proactive problem-solvers who understand our customers and company opportunities. They are truthful, yet kind and always helpful (even very late at night when a website acts badly). I highly recommend!"

Ann O'Meara

Founder, Fantastic 55


We Transformed These Websites. You're Up Next.

Our portfolio is a testament to the impact we've had on businesses just like yours. These entrepreneurs are focused on growing their business with a better website. Why shouldn't you?


How long will it take to build and launch my new website?


The short answer is about 1-3 months from our project kick-off and strategy meeting.

The long answer is incredibly nuanced and depends on a multiple of factors some on the side of the client, and others on the our side. Here is what that looks like during our process:

  • Strategy (1-2 weeks). When we first start a project we schedule a strategy meeting about 2+ weeks in the future. Before that meeting we give you brand questionnaire to complete. We’ll take your answers and create a draft brand strategy deck to review during our strategy meeting.
  • Content (2-4 weeks). After the strategy meeting we’ll implement any feedback you have and then send over our website content checklist for you to complete. Additionally, you’ll have access to private portal for your project where you can upload any assets you have (images, video, documents, etc.)
  • Home Page Wireframe (1 week). Our first design step is to take your website content, branding guidelines, and strategy notes to give you a simple draft of how we think the home page will flow for a new user. This is a critical step because it’s core feedback and design style we’ll apply to all remaining pages. We need to be 100% on the same page as you.
  • Finalize Home Page Design (~1 week). Now we take your feedback and finalize your home page design. Step is typically done in unison with design other pages on your website as we can start making shared components of your site (header, footer, buttons, etc.)
  • Design Remaining Pages (1 week). With the bulk of the work out of the way, we simply go through your remaining content and design out all the pages you’ll need. Usually this step goes very fast as we’ve already laid the design foundation from your home page.
  • Launch (1 week). Finally, we work with on any last minute tweaks and feedback for your website as we prepare for a launch date. This step isn’t so much a static amount of time because the actual work needed is fairly small. Where this can sometimes take longer is if you want to time the website launch or work out a transition plan from your existing websites for your customers.

So, as you can see from this process breakdown we’re looking at around 2 months on average from start to finish. There are a number of places we need direct feedback from you before we can continue. If a project slows down during the process, this is usually where and why.

Our clients run businesses and have many responsibilities, we understand that they need to give attention towards many priorities. It is normal for a few days here and there to stack up between communication steps in the process.

What if I'm not technical, and this whole "website" thing is honestly kind of scary?


We know exactly what you mean! We work with non-technical founders every single day. We've been in the trenches with them and understand just how scary it can be to trust a company you've never worked with before. Especially when you can't even vet their work and because it's all a foreign language jargon to you!

So, first off, let us be the first to tell you that if someone can't breakdown a complicated technical topic without jargon then you should never pay this person a dime. They clearly can't communicate a tough concept and don't deserve your money. That's our opinion anyway. There's a reason who #1 value is Simplicity. It matters. Simplicity and communication build trust. Trust builds great relationships and great products.

Check out this testimonial from Rachel Dehler of Sonder Breath

"Seriously, the BuildingBlox process is brilliant. The way the technology aspect (which scares people like me) is blended with intuitive design, subtle details, and true depth for the client and designer to collaborate is powerful. I already feel like I am the one designing it."

We helped Rachel overcome her fear of technology and gain confidence designing her website.

Our mission with BuildingBlox is to serve people exactly like Rachel. And if you're reading this Q/A, someone exactly like you.

Learn more about our values

I need a website, but I don't have great content or images. Can you help?


Yes. Many clients don't have great images, videos, content, etc. It's actually quite normal because they're just starting their business and this website is a brand new addition. Here are some solutions you may like:

  1. Copywriter. You can hire an in-house copywriter to help you with writers block and really put the punch in your conversion metrics.
  2. Videographer. You can hire an in-house videographer to help you shoot some amazing videos, courses, or "about us" introductions.
  3. Brand/Logo. Your designer can help advise on branding and logo designs, or create an entire brand deck for you!
  4. Supplemental Assets. And we can always easily supplement your website with some beautiful stock images or videos

Do you help with maintenance, updates, or hosting after the website is launched?


Yes, we offer website maintenance and updates for a minimal monthly payment. Our team ensures that your website is up to date, secure, and functioning optimally. We also provide regular backups and updates to protect your investment.

Our number one goal is to be your web partner for years to come. One of the best ways for us to serve you in this role is to watch over your website for you. Peace of mind is a valuable resource and you're going to have a whole lot more of it!

Yes, we offer a comprehensive maintenance package to keep your website running smoothly and securely after it’s launched. Our maintenance services include:

  • Website Hosting: Managing all aspects of hosting to ensure high availability and performance.

  • Technical Maintenance: Regular updates to website software and systems to maintain security and functionality.

  • Security Monitoring: Implementing and monitoring security protocols to protect your website from unauthorized access and threats.

  • Analytics Reporting: Setting up and configuring website analytics to track performance and user engagement, with access provided to you.

  • Sitemap Management: Creating and updating the website’s sitemap.xml, submitting it to search engines, and monitoring SEO optimization and page indexing.

Please note that our maintenance plan focuses on keeping your website operational and secure. It does not include design changes, content updates, or new feature development. However, we can provide quotes for these additional services if needed.

We also occasionally offer minor design changes or content updates as a goodwill gesture, but these are not guaranteed and depend on our resources. For substantial changes, we evaluate requests and provide quotes to ensure alignment with your business goals.

Can I skip the monthly payment method and pay faster for a discount?


We offer two alternative payment options that allow for early settlement of the project cost with associated discounts:

  • Split Payment: Pay 50% of the total project cost upfront at project initiation and the remaining 50% upon project completion. A 5% discount will be applied to the total project cost under this option.
  • Upfront Payment: Pay the total project cost in one upfront payment at project initiation. A 10% discount will be applied for choosing this payment option.

Can you provide examples of websites you've designed in the past?


Yes, we have a portfolio of successful website designs that we've created for clients in various industries. You can check out our portfolio on our website to see examples of our work.

See our portfolio

You can also view some testimonials from our happy clients

How do you handle security and protect sensitive customer data on the website


We take website security seriously and use industry-standard encryption methods, such as SSL, to protect sensitive customer data. We also provide regular security updates and backups to ensure that your website is secure and protected from cyber threats.

What if I’m not happy with design or services in general and want to cancel?


We understand that circumstances can change, and we aim to make the cancellation process as straightforward as possible.

Client-Initiated Cancellation:

  • Within 7 Days of Strategy Session: If you cancel within seven (7) days following the Strategy Session, we will refund 50% of all money paid after the initial project deposit. Please note that the project deposit is non-refundable.
  • After 7 Days of Strategy Session: If you cancel after seven (7) days following the Strategy Session, you will be responsible for payment of all work completed to date, and no refunds will be issued for payments already made.

Service Provider-Initiated Cancellation:

  • Non-Payment: If any invoice remains unpaid for more than 15 days beyond the due date, BuildingBlox may suspend services and may terminate the agreement.
  • Non-Compliance: If you fail to comply with the agreed terms and conditions of the agreement, especially after receiving written notices, BuildingBlox reserves the right to terminate the agreement.

Effects of Cancellation:

  • Upon cancellation, all ongoing work will cease.
  • You will not be billed for any further services, except for the amounts due under the terms specified above.
  • Any deliverables completed up to the point of cancellation will be handed over to you after all outstanding payments are settled.

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