This Is Not A Million Dollar Guarantee. But It's Close.

BetaBlox Is One Of The Largest Business Incubators In The World.

Entrepreneurs that go through our program are statistically twice as likely to stay in business as those who don’t. Our combined ANNUAL client revenues are over nine figures. We do not shy away from the fact that we care A LOT about the 360 degree health of our ventures…but no line item matters more than how much money they earn.

Our secret sauce is threefold:

(1) Most consultants specialize in later-stage corporations and have no business coaching early-stage ventures. Or worse, they’re some sort of government funded manager of an “incubator” or free help center that has never started a company before. We’re very different; we pair our ventures with thriving entrepreneurs about a half decade farther than them to be their mentors. This not only means they’re proven – but what they know is timely & relevant.

(2) Our entire ethos is built on the foundation of skin-in-the-game on both sides. How we do this is by aligning our success with yours. Simply put, we provide our entire BetaBlox package in exchange for 1.5% of your NEXT MILLION DOLLARS in sales. We take the lionshare of that AFTER you’ve SUCCESSFULLY earned that million dollars, not before. We’re aware that this sounds too good to be true…either that or we’re that good.

(3) We provide a series of assets that provide each startup with the educational foundation we wish we had when we were all starting. Our methodology deviates from what is being taught in schools and business books. It’s written and produced by people who started companies from nothing, with little-to-no resources. Just like you.

Alumni Community
Appointed Mentors
1-on-1 Coaching
Preferred Vendors
Startup Culture
Accelerated Growth
“What I’ve gotten has been so far beyond what I was seeking.”

Raina Knox

Stratex / B2B Services & Technology

“The accountability, assistance, and support gained from fellow Bloxers is priceless.”
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Patrick Delehanty

Delco / Product Manufacturing

“With their advisement and consultation, we have been able to grow from just an idea to a full rapidly growing technology company in a short amount of time.”

Mike Collier

Weather Battle / B2C Mobile Software

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"A mini business empire"


Average annual revenue growth rates for our portfolio companies since 2012
Applications received for our program.
Community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
Attendees at our investment showcases
Survival rate of our startups (SBA definition of making it to at least year three)

You Deserve To Have Partners That Have Skin-In-The-Game

You’ve been told you need advisors. You’ve been told you need to listen to entrepreneurship podcasts and read the business books. You’ve been told you need to network with other business owners. Our package accomplishes all of that in one fell swoop so you can concentrate on the more important things: building your business and earning revenue.

Educational Academy

At the onset of our program we provide you access to two different online academies. It's the digital equivalent of getting your MBA in entrepreneurship. It will provide you the foundation for which to build on


You’re then paired with two different coaches, overseen by our Managing Director. Those coaches work with you over the phone bi-monthly for two years. Their job is to infuse our curriculum, hold you accountable, and help you navigate your biggest questions.

Blox Community

We’ve been around since 2012. We have a large alumni base of peers for you to network and collaborate with. On top of that, our universe has a series of vendors and services that BetaBlox companies get at discounted rates: web & software development, masterminds, in-person bootcamps, etc.

A Glimpse Into Our Entire
30+ Hour Curriculum

We've got bad news for you. A new venture is not just a small corporation. This makes everything they teach in business schools, business podcasts, business books, etc. - irrelevant to you and your new venture. Starting a company is the search for the business model. This makes you more of a Sherlock Holmes than a CEO (for now). At the onset of our program you'll be given access to some of the best video-based classes in the galaxy. They create the sturdy foundation for which we'll consult you on for the next two years.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Program

What is the cost?

1.5% of your NEXT million dollars in sales (which also could be your first million dollars in sales).

Why a percentage of revenue?

Okay, quick question. If you could choose between two salespeople to work for you want the one that wants a low salary and no commission...or the one that wants no salary and a high commission? At first it sounds like you want the salaried position because it feels cheap - and it is. But what this guy really wants is guaranteed money with no real need for a commission because they don't have any faith in themselves. Contrast that with the other character who wants their money tied directly to their effectiveness. That's the salesperson you want.

Our incubator is like this. Yes, we want to be paid, but we want the radical majority of it to be after we've made you a million dollars. This is our skin-in-the-game, and it's a big one. It could take us years to be paid out on this, or possibly never paid out at all. We're prepared to take that risk.

Your skin-in-game is an onboarding fee as a good show of faith that you're taking this whole thing seriously. It comes out of the 1.5% that you'll eventually owe us. We use it to mitigate some of the obvious costs associated with paying world-class-coaches to be your mentors for two years. But this doesn't change the fact that the absolute lion's share is due after we've crossed our finish line, which is getting you to that million dollar mark.

When and if you get to that milestone, we'll send you an invoice. If you don’t get there – no invoice.

This is the closest thing to a guarantee to help make you a million dollars that exists.

So what happens after I make a million dollars with you?

Contractually, we collect not one more dollar. You owe us nothing. We could part ways if you wanted.

But you won’t want to.

What we’ve learned is that if we helped you make a million dollars you’re going to want our help making the next ten. At which point we’ll sell you a coaching package that is far more expensive.

A quick note on making the next ten million dollars. You’ll probably need different coaches; a different philosophy; custom software; automations; etc.

What types of companies are you looking for?

We’re open to literally everything.

A little about how we work is in the interview phase we split our applicants into two categories. Generally speaking the world would call these either startups or small businesses. It has to do with the level of scalability. Both types of ventures can be incredibly lucrative for the founder – but they require different coaching frameworks.

So yes, we love the things that traditionally incubators gravitate towards: software businesses.

But we also LOVE traditional small businesses. Construction, coaching, services, food, fitness, etc.

What stage of business should I be in?

There is no doubt that the “farther” along you are, the less risk we’re taking on. That said, we take on companies that haven’t made their first dollar in sales all the time.

For those that are several hundred thousand or even more into sales, this is why we take a percentage of your “next” million dollars in sales.

Does it matter where I live? Where is BetaBlox located?

No it doesn’t matter where you live.

We were a 100% in-person experience that had expanded to three states from 2012 to 2020. When the lockdowns happened we experimented with 100% virtual services and the results were better for our clients – so we never looked back.

Why? There are several advantages, but the biggest being that we could recruit coaches and vendors from across the country vs just in the cities we were in.

We still operate many in-person programs that BetaBlox companies are allowed to attend at discounted rates. These tend to happen in either Kansas City or Tulsa. This is also why our videos and pictures still tend to showcase our programs happening in-person.

Is this the TV show?

No. That is called The Blox. Also operated by us. BetaBlox clients are allowed to attend the Blox if they want (this aides in your community building, public speaking prowess, and reinforces our curriculum).

BetaBlox on the other hand is a multi-year, highly customized, skin-in-the-game coaching program where you don’t ever have to leave your home.

What is the application process like?

The entire application process is free. We promise a healthy balance of being mindful with your time relative to us getting enough information to make an informed decision. As you can imagine if we’re getting paid based off your revenue – this needs to be an exclusive program.

Step 1 – Apply below. This gives us some basic information to allow us to start the process.

Step 2 – Asynchronous Video Interview. Those who make it passed the first step will be sent an invitation to complete a video interview conducted by a robot LOL. It will basically ask you a few questions that will take less than ten minutes, and it automatically records your answers and compiles it into a single video that is sent to our team. We use the video as part of the decision process, but also for our team to prep for the next step.

Step 3 – Phone call with someone from our team. These take about 45 minutes.

Step 4 – Admittance.

Do you have any success stories?

We’ve successfully raised capital, created many jobs, liquidated out of more than a handful of companies, and most importantly watched some of our startups turn into the fastest growing (by revenue) startups in the Midwest.

“BetaBlox is not an easy program and the feedback we get is honest with no sugar coating. But for those who are serious and committed for the long haul, BetaBlox absolutely pays off.”

John Harrison

Filimin / Technology Hardware [Acquired]

“What I love most about Betablox is the knowledge and wisdom you gain from your mentors.”

Nathan Corn

FlexPro Meals / Food Entrepreneur

“The mentors helped me set a course that was aggressive but very strategic, and the community of other entrepreneurs helped inspire and push me to keep going, even when things were really hard.”

Justin Prestidge

Custom Trailer Pros /B2B Manufacturing

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