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We help you identify areas of improvement and align your website with your specific goals. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your objectives and provide tailored recommendations to maximize the impact of your online presence.

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Huge kudos shoutout to the BuildingBlox team for helping us fix and launch our landing page. Seriously guys, their absolute rockstars. If you need web design, they’re the solution.

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Madison Durant
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How It Works

How We Help You Succeed

1. Discuss Your Goals

We start by getting to know your website's objectives. What do you want to achieve? Whether it's increasing user engagement, improving conversion rates, or enhancing the overall user experience, we tailor our audit to align with your goals.

2. Review and Feedback

During a live 60-minute video call, our team will walk you through your website, highlighting areas that can be optimized. We'll provide insights and recommendations based on industry best practices and your unique goals.

3. Follow-up Report

Following the audit, we'll compile a comprehensive report with our findings and suggestions. This report will serve as a valuable roadmap for making improvements to your website.


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Goal Discussion
60-Minute Video Call
Goal Discussion
60-Minute Video Call
Funnel/Analytics Overview
Detailed Report
One Follow-Up Consultation

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