Building Systems & Processes Into Your Startup (S9E6)

What you’ll see this episode:

We’re bringing you a brand-new, never-before-seen lesson in today’s episode, and it will change how you run your business forever. The Bloxers are challenged with sprucing up their Systems & Playbooks and the results will definitely have you contemplating your own efficiency. See who makes the Blox-Off and tops the leaderboard before we head into our final day of competition. 

All systems go!

As the Bloxers kick off a new day, we drop in on our pod winners relishing a special breakfast, strategizing, and sizing up the competition. The day unfolds with an all-new lesson never before seen on the Blox platform, diving into the art of building systems and processes into your business. It's all about founders learning to delegate, avoid burnout, and make technology work smarter for them, not harder. Amid the hustle, we witness a dash of playfulness as a dedicated Bloxer commemorates the experience with a special blox-themed tattoo – talk about commitment!

The day's challenge is all about Bloxers identifying three areas in their business that need better systems and figuring out how to leverage technology for improvement. Many realize they've been spending too much time working in their business and not enough working on it. Judges step in for consultations, delving into participants' systems to uncover and resolve any flaws in their approach. After some jaw-dropping performances labeled "amazing" by the judges, the day peaks with the announcement of those advancing to the Blox Off. Star players dominate the scoreboards, facing the day’s challenge once again, followed by a rapid-fire two-minute question round. The rankings unfold in a closely contested race, cranking up the competition's intensity with just one more day and one final challenge to go. 

Building Systems & Processes Into Your Startup

In today's lesson, we dove into the critical aspect of building systems and processes into your startup for efficient scaling. The analogy of wearing multiple hats and doing all the tasks all the time was vividly portrayed, emphasizing the need to transition from working in the business to working on the business. The class highlighted the importance of replacing ourselves from day-to-day tasks, freeing up time for crucial CEO responsibilities such as market analysis, new product development, and company growth.

The concept of the Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur roles was introduced, illustrating the necessity of these roles in a business's success and the potential power struggles between them. The lesson emphasized the gradual process of replacing ourselves, using technology, contractors, or employees to handle various tasks. The idea of a linear depiction of customer flows through the business was presented as a starting point to identify and systematize important tasks.

Dispelling myths that hinder the implementation of systems, the class stressed that systems are not meant to stifle creativity but rather empower businesses to scale. The importance of a playbook or standard operating procedures (SOPs) was highlighted, serving as a living document that evolves over time. The playbook is designed to free entrepreneurs from day-to-day tasks, allowing them to focus on creative aspects crucial for business growth. The impact of a playbook on business efficacy was demonstrated, showing a conservative estimate of a 10% improvement at each stage, significantly increasing profitability.

Lastly, the lesson underscored that a robust and proven playbook is essential for a business to be sellable, emphasizing the need for documentation to ensure the business can run predictably without the owner's constant involvement. The class concluded with highlighting the qualities of a good playbook, including accessibility, searchability, collaboration, instructiveness, and fluidity, all crucial for successful implementation.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. The main one for the purposes of this class is to free up time for us to do CEO things. We need to have our eyes on the market; new products/services; financing growth; expansions; recruiting; culture building…etc… not day-to-day tasks.
  2. There are three ways to scale your business: technology, employees and the crowd.
  3. A lot of us right now are trying to be the technician, manager, and entrepreneur simultaneously. Don’t worry, we all essentially start out this way. But we need to realize that if we don’t solve this problem we are destined for a lifestyle business at best - which means you might as well have gone and worked for someone else with half the stress and risk.
  4. Systems are the step-by-step instructions to the person reading it so they can operate those tasks without you needing to be there. Those step-by-step tasks use videos, pictures, screenshots, screen recordings, audio recordings, outlines, links, etc. to tell explain to the person doing the task how it needs to be done. The goal of your systems is to produce a PREDICTABLE result.
  5. The playbook is designed to take you out of day-to-day tasks that require zero creativity. This allows the entrepreneur to be free so they can paint whatever brushstroke is necessary to grow or evolve.

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Meet The Judges

Brittany Hays
Brittany Hays
South Sound Staffing

As the owner and founder of South Sound Staffing, Brittany is driven by a genuine desire to make a profound difference in the staffing industry. Being a family-owned agency, Brittany and her team go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service and unmatched dedication to their clients. With a customer-centric focus, they strive to provide the best staff, ensuring that employers find the perfect match for their organizations. Brittany’s extensive experience of over 10 years in the industry has honed her expertise, making her a true authority in the field. As a thought leader, Brittany is passionate about bridging the gap between employers and employees. She actively engages in discussions surrounding hiring, careers, staffing, leadership, and recruiting. By sharing her insights and expertise, she empowers both job seekers and employers to navigate the ever-evolving job market with confidence.

Chase Curtiss
Chase Curtiss
Sway Medical

Chase Curtiss is an innovative digital health expert and clinical exercise physiologist with a strong expertise in developing mobile software solutions within the medical, sports and fitness markets. Chase has an academic and research background in biomechanics, exercise physiology and neuroscience with published research in each field. Chase has been recognized as a pioneer in the mobile health space with the first ever FDA clearance for a software only mobile medical device. He has been highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg TV, Forbes, Pando Daily, Mobihealthnews, the Grey Sheet and many other mainstream and medically focused publications. YouTube has also named Chase NextUP for his work in video instruction content reaching 30 million viewers. As an expert in the field of digital healthcare, Chase is also a regular speaker having presented for events put on by Blue Cross Blue Shield, AARP and Chase was the 2014 commencement speaker for Wichita State University.

Clay Slaton
Clay Slaton

Clay Slaton is a leader coach with a passion for helping individuals succeed in both their personal and professional lives. Clay's journey began many years ago when he recognized the profound impact of personal development on professional engagement within his own team. Fueled by a desire to empower others, he embarked on a coaching journey, sharing insights with fellow business leaders through workshops, forums, and mentorship. The vision for LIFEguide took shape in the process, driven by Clay's commitment to facilitating personal and professional growth. In 2017, after successfully exiting a company he founded, Clay directed his focus towards LIFEguide. With intentional coaching for CEOs in both business and life, Clay drew upon his extensive experience as a career CEO, believing in the transformative power of wisdom and experience to elevate leadership and businesses. As a coach, Clay's mission is to guide CEOs to fully engage in life.

Lily Mockerman
Lily Mockerman
Founder & CEO, Total Customized Revenue Management - Austin, TX

President and CEO of Total Customized Revenue Management (TCRM), Lily is a passionate and devoted leader and practitioner in the revenue management field. Lily earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Management from Johnson & Wales University. Following graduation, Lily’s career encompassed a variety of roles and responsibilities, including positions with independent full-service, boutique and resort hotels, and work with major brands including Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels, and Hyatt, and various management companies. With 13 years of diverse hospitality experience under her belt, Lily founded TCRM in 2012 leveraging her vision to become the premier provider of revenue management services for the hospitality community. In recognition of these efforts, she was named 2015 Revenue Management Professional of the Year by HSMAI’s Arizona Chapter. TCRM continues to grow under Lily’s leadership and has recently begun to expand into international markets.

Luke Wade
Luke Wade
Owner, KC Crew and MediaAlly - Kansas City, MO

Luke, an energetic and adventurous individual who’s always on the lookout for exciting new experiences in his city, started his business when he was frustrated by the lack of engaging activities and quality events. What began as a small initiative has blossomed into an incredible success story, with over 51,000 participants engaged in diverse activities like Sand Volleyball, Basketball, Pickleball, Cornhole, kickball, softball, and more, spanning the entire city. He also orchestrated one-of-a-kind events such as a Grilled Cheese Festival, an Underachiever’s Run, and a Zombie Crawl, attracting a staggering 16,000 attendees. These endeavors not only allowed Luke to leave his conventional job five years ago but also enabled him to foster a thriving, interconnected community. His once-small initiative now boasts four full-time employees, 40 part-time officials, and an office that has transformed into a bustling arena. Driven by his desire to make a positive impact, Luke is committed to helping others cultivate vibrant in-person and virtual communities. His dedication has earned him numerous accolades, including the 2018 25 under 25 Award from Thinking Bigger Business Media, the 2017 Innovation Partnership Program award, the 2017 Social Sports Industry Association Product Innovation Award, the 2016 Social Media Club Trailblazer of the Year Award, the 2014 Mayor Sly James’ Challenge Cabinet recognition, the 2014 Rising Star Award from NonProfit Connect, and the 2013 Urban Hero Award from the Downtown Council.

Patrick Culpillari
Patrick Culpillari
E-Commerice/Amazon Guru

Meet Patrick Culpillari, a seasoned e-commerce expert whose leadership style is a powerful force of inspiration. Patrick believes that effective leadership should naturally energize people, infusing the soul with enthusiasm to the point that the contagion of his vision becomes unstoppable. Guided by four fundamental principles—Customer Obsession, Brand Passion, Excellence, and Creativity—Patrick brings a unique blend of strategic thinking and passion to the e-commerce landscape. Customer obsession is at the forefront of his approach, ensuring that every decision made is centered around providing exceptional value and satisfaction to customers. Patrick's brand passion is infectious, driving him to cultivate a genuine connection between consumers and the products or services he champions. He believes in excellence as a non-negotiable standard, consistently pushing boundaries to deliver top-tier solutions and experiences. Creativity is the cornerstone of his approach, infusing innovation into every aspect of the e-commerce journey. As a leader, Patrick's goal is not only to achieve success but to inspire and motivate those around him to aspire for more than they thought possible. His leadership philosophy encourages individuals to strive for success not merely because it is expected, but because they have been genuinely inspired to do so. Patrick's magnetic enthusiasm and commitment to these principles create an environment where personal and professional growth are not just encouraged but become inevitable.

Todd Kinzle
Todd Kinzle
Serial Entrepreneur

Todd Kinzle is a seasoned entrepreneur with a distinct penchant for technology and an unwavering passion for creating meaningful impact. With a wealth of experience, Todd has become a driving force in the business world, adept at leading teams and fostering a winning culture that thrives on individual excellence. For Todd, the thrill lies in leveraging technology to create efficiency and solve real-world problems. His entrepreneurial journey has been marked by a keen focus on start-ups, strategic relationships, and a commitment to excellence in leadership. Todd excels in business development, product development, sales, marketing, and strategy, showcasing a versatile skill set that spans the entire spectrum of entrepreneurial endeavors. At the core of Todd's leadership philosophy is the belief in the power of great individuals coming together to form exceptional teams. He finds joy in inspiring and highlighting the unique strengths of each team member, creating an environment where collective greatness is not just encouraged but celebrated. With a track record of successfully navigating the dynamic landscape of start-ups, Todd Kinzle is not just an entrepreneur; he's a visionary leader who understands the intricacies of building impactful businesses. His passion for cultivating strategic relationships, combined with a focus on innovation and efficiency, positions Todd at the forefront of the entrepreneurial landscape, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Tyler Young
Tyler Young
Owner, VersiTech

With 16 years of experience in the payment processing industry, Tyler brings a wealth of expertise and insight to help businesses navigate the ever-changing payments landscape. In 2009, Tyler founded PPSW, which quickly grew into a successful merchant processing ISO. In 2017, Tyler acquired the POS company VersiTouch and transformed it into VersiTech, a restaurant technology company focused on delivering cutting-edge point-of-sale technology through a local partner network. At VersiTech, Tyler and the team believe that every business deserves personalized support, which is why they work closely with local partners to offer a unique customer experience. The focus is on making technology work seamlessly for businesses with as little hassle as possible. VersiTech is known for its adaptability and going the extra mile for customers, taking pride in serving as a calming presence and a source of relief for partners. As a visionary leader, Tyler is passionate about helping businesses grow through technology. His goal is to make VersiTech a major competitor in the POS industry, offering innovative solutions and smooth processes for customers. Tyler leads by example, valuing his employees as family and striving to help them thrive both personally and professionally.

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