How To Scale A Startup’s Human Capital (S10E6)

What you’ll see this episode:

In this episode, get ready for a game-changing lesson that will completely revitalize your business approach through delegation. The Bloxers are tasked with revamping their Systems & Playbooks, and the outcomes will leave you rethinking your own daily operations. Don't miss out on seeing who emerges victorious in the Blox-Off and secures the top leaderboard spot as we gear up for our thrilling final day of competition!

Clearing off our plates

Here’s what went down in the latest episode! It starts with a major surprise for some of the Bloxers—20 of them are suddenly in the running for top honors as the most investable and valuable companies. They face a barrage of rapid-fire questions to see who will come out on top, but no spoilers yet; you’ll find out who won in Episode 8!

The next morning, we catch up with the pod winners enjoying their special breakfast and sharing inspiring stories before our fourth lesson of the season which teaches the entrepreneurs how to focus on doing the CEO tasks versus the day-to-day. It’s all about learning to work smarter, not harder – Delegating and scaling human capital allows us as owners to clear a lot of “time sucks” off of our plates.  After the lesson is taught, the challenge is announced —Bloxers must pinpoint three areas in their businesses that need better systems and figure out how to use tech to improve. 

Next, we enter the Blox-Off, where the energy is through the roof! Scores were way up compared to the previous day, and when pod winners are announced, you can practically see the victory glow on their faces. But you’ll have to stay tuned for Episode 7 to find out who will dominate this Blox-Off!

How To Scale A Startup’s Human Capital

In today's lesson, we dive into the critical skill of scaling a startup's human capital. We start by acknowledging the tendency for small business owners to become overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks, essentially working "in" their businesses rather than "on" them. The goal is to transition from being overwhelmed with tasks to working on higher-level CEO responsibilities.

To achieve this transition, we must understand the roles of the Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur within the business. While all three roles are crucial, there is often a power struggle among them. However, as business owners, we must strive to move away from being the technician who does everything to being the entrepreneur who innovates and delegates tasks effectively.

We learn that systematizing tasks is key to freeing up time for more strategic activities. Systems, or playbooks, provide step-by-step instructions for tasks and ensure a predictable outcome. By systematizing tasks and empowering employees with clear processes, we can increase efficiency, reduce reliance on individual employees, and even prepare the business for potential sale in the future.

The process of creating and implementing a playbook is ongoing and requires prioritization, cultural change within the team, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Ultimately, the goal is to create a thriving business that can operate predictably without solely relying on the owner's presence, paving the way for growth and scalability.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. The main one for the purposes of this class is to free up time for us to do CEO things. We need to have our eyes on the market; new products/services; financing growth; expansions; recruiting; culture building…etc… not day-to-day tasks.
  2. There are three ways to scale your business: technology, employees and the crowd.
  3. A lot of us right now are trying to be the technician, manager, and entrepreneur simultaneously. Don’t worry, we all essentially start out this way. But we need to realize that if we don’t solve this problem we are destined for a lifestyle business at best - which means you might as well have gone and worked for someone else with half the stress and risk.
  4. Systems are the step-by-step instructions to the person reading it so they can operate those tasks without you needing to be there. Those step-by-step tasks use videos, pictures, screenshots, screen recordings, audio recordings, outlines, links, etc. to tell explain to the person doing the task how it needs to be done. The goal of your systems is to produce a PREDICTABLE result.
  5. The playbook is designed to take you out of day-to-day tasks that require zero creativity. This allows the entrepreneur to be free so they can paint whatever brushstroke is necessary to grow or evolve.

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Meet The Judges

Alex Golimbievsky
Alex Golimbievsky
Founder & CEO Early-Stage EdTech Venture - Tulsa, OK

Alex is a strategic executive with a proven track record for driving operational excellence and profitability. With a seasoned entrepreneurial spirit, Alex produces results by capitalizing on market insights, developing scalable sales and operational processes, and galvanizing teams toward ambitious goals. As a proven product and software leader, Alex specializes in developing scalable products that achieve user desirability and market viability. An accomplished leader, Alex establishes cultures of accountability, transparency, empowerment, and excellence. With a distinguished consulting background, Alex has a history of successful partnerships with tech startups, driving multimillion-dollar revenue increases. Notably, Alex has successfully led two organizations through acquisitions, showcasing exceptional leadership and business acumen.

Bryan Laughery
Bryan Laughery
Owner, ClearCut PR - New Jersey

Bryan Laughery is the founder and current Lead Publicist at ClearCut PR, and he’s using his past experience in communications and entrepreneurship to create more success for other entrepreneurs. Having failed at 7 businesses created the grit, determination, and lessons that allowed for 3 successful exits later in life. But, before all of that, it was a 12 year corporate communications career. “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur to help others, and I knew that the lessons I’d learn from working in large companies would create a better entrepreneur in the long run.” Bryan says. In his personal life, Bryan spends time with his wife and his two sons where they live in New Jersey.

Heather Beck
Heather Beck
Owner, Heather’s Heroes - Draper, UT

Heather Beck, the dynamic entrepreneur behind K9 Lifeline and Heather's Heroes, has transformed canine care with her distinctive approach. Her training, boarding and daycare facility, K9 Lifeline, is not just another dog haven; it's an all-encompassing sanctuary where every dog feels welcome and loved. With Heather's Heroes, she invents and introduces practical, top-tier products and methods to pet owners, including the Sidekick leash—a groundbreaking tool that calms even the most excited, fearful and anxious dogs. More than a trainer, Heather is an educator, helping not just our furry friends but their human counterparts as well. She understands that a well-behaved dog is not merely the product of good training, but also of a knowledgeable and empathetic owner. Faced with hurdles, Heather exhibits resilience and determination. Her "failing forward" mindset encourages her to view setbacks as stepping stones, fueling her continuous innovation in the realm of animal care. Heather Beck is not just a name in the industry; she's a force of change, inspiring others with her empathetic approach and fierce commitment to making the world a better place for dogs and their humans.

Jonathan Fudge
Jonathan Fudge
Owner, YTE Events - Tampa, FL

A balloon artist and entertainer for a number of years, Jonathan Fudge is one of the absolutely youngest professional balloon artists to ever teach classes at worldwide balloon conventions. A master in his field, he has risen above and beyond many others in his field, learning from the best entertainers in the world on how to improve his craft. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Mr. Fudge is truly reaching greater heights every day. He has been seen in China, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Bahamas, and all over the US. Most recently seen on the Tonight Show with David Letterman, Mr. Fudge has also been seen on the front page of the Wall Street Journal where they did an issue on him on October of 2008.

Marcy McKenna
Marcy McKenna
Award-Winning Inventor - California

Born into a family of inventors, Marcy recognized from an early age that inventing was their true calling. With a notable family legacy—Marcy’s Great Grandfather invented the delay mechanism for bombs in World War I—innovation seemed to run in her blood. However, it wasn't until 2010, when Marcy emerged as the winner of Kelly Ripa's invention reality show, "Homemade Millionaire," followed by another triumph on Edison Nation's "As Seen on TV" Product Search, that she fully committed to a career in inventing. Today, Marcy boasts a portfolio of over 35 products, sold across various renowned platforms such as QVC, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sharper Image, and The Container Store. Currently, Marcy maintains a partnership with HSN, a home shopping powerhouse, where they continue to design and sell their signature Home & Travel product line—a collection of affordable luxuries crafted to keep consumers chic, stylish, and meticulously organized both at home and on the go.

Stephen & Simone Atunzu
Stephen & Simone Atunzu
Co-Owners of Tech-Key LLC - Atlanta, GA

Stephen and Simone Atunzo are the dynamic duo behind Tech-Key LLC, a leading provider of quality and affordable cabling, alarm, and CCTV solutions for both residential and retail consumers. With a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, Stephen and Simone co-own and operate Tech-Key LLC, where they strive to deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of their diverse clientele. With their expertise and dedication, they ensure that every customer receives top-notch service and the latest in security technology to safeguard their homes and businesses.

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