What To Do With A Customer Immediately Post-Sale (S10E7)

What you’ll see this episode:

It’s Day 5 – the contestants' last chance to shine! They're diving headfirst into the realm of customer success, and it's gonna be intense. Who's gonna step up and claim their spot in the final Blox-Off? With the tension set to sky-high, don’t even think about blinking, 'cause you won't want to miss a single moment!

It’s their moment to shine!

The episode opens on the judges showering praise over their pod winners as they gear up for the Blox-Off showdown. Everyone's on their A-game, making the competition super tight! The Blox-Off challenge is a repeat of the day’s exercise, but with some extra questions to really test their understanding. Rankings are announced and it isn’t just tight –  it's neck and neck. As the night winds down, we hone in on some Bloxers chilling out and swapping stories. We also learn more about the people behind the pod winners at the champion’s breakfast the next morning.

Then it’s time to get into the lesson of the day, which is all about the customer experience. With a “one night stand” analogy, it might be the most comical lesson you’ve learned yet – but trust us, there’s a lot of meat in there too! Essentially, the analogy works because unlike a one night stand, we don’t want to leave our customers feeling confused, unloved, and like they can no longer trust us. The contestants are then faced with their final challenge of the competition: detailing their customer success strategies, including time to value, onboarding, education, and the technology needed to scale it up.  After they make their final pitches, the consultations help fine-tune our Bloxers’ businesses, and pay close attention because we’re sure you’ll get a lot out of it too! Night falls and sets the stage for the final Blox-Off. We see everything from new faces to red jerseys, and the tension keeps building. Who's gonna come out on top? Well, you'll have to wait for the final episode to find out!

What To Do With A Customer Immediately Post-Sale

This lesson underscores the critical importance of Customer Success in the realm of startups, emphasizing its role as the missing piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle. In a world where customers demand a meaningful experience, statistics reveal a staggering shift in focus towards customer satisfaction. However, the problem lies in the common startup narrative – an intense focus on creating a market solution and grabbing attention, followed by neglecting the customers post-sale.

The analogy of a "One Night Stand" describes the prevalent behavior: enticing customers, making promises, but abandoning them after the sale, leading to confusion and potential churn. The lesson advocates for a paradigm shift, rejecting the notion of a post-sale phase and embracing Customer Success as an integral part of the entire business funnel. Customer Success, often considered the last third of the funnel, involves more than customer service. It's a strategic approach encompassing onboarding, habit creation, time-to-value, and engagement. The goal is not merely acquiring customers but retaining them.

The lesson delves into the importance of onboarding, emphasizing the need to swiftly deliver value to customers, ensuring a positive initial experience. Following onboarding, the focus shifts to engagement, with a proactive approach to customer education, support, and connection-building. A significant challenge highlighted is the "Presenter's Dilemma," where assumptions about customer understanding post-sale can lead to issues. The importance of early education and ongoing customer training is stressed to ensure customer satisfaction and, consequently, retention.

The incorporation of technology into Customer Success is essential, with automation suggested for repetitive tasks. The lesson concludes with a financial perspective, illustrating how high-quality retention enables increased spending on customer acquisition, ultimately contributing to long-term business success.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. Customer success needs to be baked into each stage of the funnel. We need to know where our customers have come from on their path to us so we can better help them.
  2. The better you onboard a customer and implement the new relationship, the longer you’ll see benefits in return. The customer who’s successfully onboarded will come back with fewer issues because they got the info they needed early on, not halfway through.
  3. Improvements in the user’s first five minutes alone can increase customer lifetime value by 50%. 
  4. Find ways to connect users and excitement by inducing a critical mass. For example, have an in-person pop-up event where your community comes to the same place at the same time. Or if more online, push users or customers to all show up to the same webinar so they can all ask questions and learn alongside each other.
  5. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and make sure at every last little stage of the lifecycle are they setup for success? Do they have answers to hard questions? Are our directions clearly spelled out for them? Is their user experience as smooth post-sale as it was pre-sale?

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Meet The Judges

Alex Golimbievsky
Alex Golimbievsky
Founder & CEO Early-Stage EdTech Venture - Tulsa, OK

Alex is a strategic executive with a proven track record for driving operational excellence and profitability. With a seasoned entrepreneurial spirit, Alex produces results by capitalizing on market insights, developing scalable sales and operational processes, and galvanizing teams toward ambitious goals. As a proven product and software leader, Alex specializes in developing scalable products that achieve user desirability and market viability. An accomplished leader, Alex establishes cultures of accountability, transparency, empowerment, and excellence. With a distinguished consulting background, Alex has a history of successful partnerships with tech startups, driving multimillion-dollar revenue increases. Notably, Alex has successfully led two organizations through acquisitions, showcasing exceptional leadership and business acumen.

Bryan Laughery
Bryan Laughery
Owner, ClearCut PR - New Jersey

Bryan Laughery is the founder and current Lead Publicist at ClearCut PR, and he’s using his past experience in communications and entrepreneurship to create more success for other entrepreneurs. Having failed at 7 businesses created the grit, determination, and lessons that allowed for 3 successful exits later in life. But, before all of that, it was a 12 year corporate communications career. “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur to help others, and I knew that the lessons I’d learn from working in large companies would create a better entrepreneur in the long run.” Bryan says. In his personal life, Bryan spends time with his wife and his two sons where they live in New Jersey.

Heather Beck
Heather Beck
Owner, Heather’s Heroes - Draper, UT

Heather Beck, the dynamic entrepreneur behind K9 Lifeline and Heather's Heroes, has transformed canine care with her distinctive approach. Her training, boarding and daycare facility, K9 Lifeline, is not just another dog haven; it's an all-encompassing sanctuary where every dog feels welcome and loved. With Heather's Heroes, she invents and introduces practical, top-tier products and methods to pet owners, including the Sidekick leash—a groundbreaking tool that calms even the most excited, fearful and anxious dogs. More than a trainer, Heather is an educator, helping not just our furry friends but their human counterparts as well. She understands that a well-behaved dog is not merely the product of good training, but also of a knowledgeable and empathetic owner. Faced with hurdles, Heather exhibits resilience and determination. Her "failing forward" mindset encourages her to view setbacks as stepping stones, fueling her continuous innovation in the realm of animal care. Heather Beck is not just a name in the industry; she's a force of change, inspiring others with her empathetic approach and fierce commitment to making the world a better place for dogs and their humans.

Jonathan Fudge
Jonathan Fudge
Owner, YTE Events - Tampa, FL

A balloon artist and entertainer for a number of years, Jonathan Fudge is one of the absolutely youngest professional balloon artists to ever teach classes at worldwide balloon conventions. A master in his field, he has risen above and beyond many others in his field, learning from the best entertainers in the world on how to improve his craft. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Mr. Fudge is truly reaching greater heights every day. He has been seen in China, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Bahamas, and all over the US. Most recently seen on the Tonight Show with David Letterman, Mr. Fudge has also been seen on the front page of the Wall Street Journal where they did an issue on him on October of 2008.

Marcy McKenna
Marcy McKenna
Award-Winning Inventor - California

Born into a family of inventors, Marcy recognized from an early age that inventing was their true calling. With a notable family legacy—Marcy’s Great Grandfather invented the delay mechanism for bombs in World War I—innovation seemed to run in her blood. However, it wasn't until 2010, when Marcy emerged as the winner of Kelly Ripa's invention reality show, "Homemade Millionaire," followed by another triumph on Edison Nation's "As Seen on TV" Product Search, that she fully committed to a career in inventing. Today, Marcy boasts a portfolio of over 35 products, sold across various renowned platforms such as QVC, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sharper Image, and The Container Store. Currently, Marcy maintains a partnership with HSN, a home shopping powerhouse, where they continue to design and sell their signature Home & Travel product line—a collection of affordable luxuries crafted to keep consumers chic, stylish, and meticulously organized both at home and on the go.

Stephen & Simone Atunzu
Stephen & Simone Atunzu
Co-Owners of Tech-Key LLC - Atlanta, GA

Stephen and Simone Atunzo are the dynamic duo behind Tech-Key LLC, a leading provider of quality and affordable cabling, alarm, and CCTV solutions for both residential and retail consumers. With a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, Stephen and Simone co-own and operate Tech-Key LLC, where they strive to deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of their diverse clientele. With their expertise and dedication, they ensure that every customer receives top-notch service and the latest in security technology to safeguard their homes and businesses.

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