Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses In 2024 (S12E6)

What you’ll see this episode:

Our Bloxers are counting more than just who’s in the lead… we’re also crunching numbers on our customers’ lifetime value. You definitely don't want to miss who rises to the top in the Blox-Off, claiming the top spot on the leaderboard. You’ll also see 20 hand-picked companies get grilled while vying for the titles of Most Investable and Most Valuable. We're gearing up for an electrifying final day of competition!

A series of grueling questions

Episode 6 kicks off with a major surprise for some of the Bloxers—20 of them are suddenly in the running for top honors as the most investable and valuable companies. How do we narrow it down to just 4? A series of grueling questions. No spoilers here; you’ll have to wait until Episode 8 to see who wins!

The next morning, we catch up with some contestants strategizing before the day begins. Our fourth lesson of the season dives into social media and pay-per-click ads, giving the contestants a crash course in demand harvesting and demand creation. The challenge has their heads spinning with numbers as they calculate the lifetime value of their customers. Some contestants ace the challenge and consult, while others find themselves still struggling. During consults, it's clear to the judges that some contestants need extra help to master this concept.

Next up is the Blox-Off, where contestants must pick a platform, explain their choice, and outline the types of content they’ll create and how it will convert to customers. After a fierce battle, the winners are revealed. With only a two-point discrepancy across the board, the red jerseys get switched up just before the final day.

Advanced Social Media Pay-Per-Click Philosophy

This lesson delves into the advanced strategies of social media pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, particularly focusing on whether to concentrate efforts on Google or social media platforms. It distinguishes between demand harvesting and demand creation, emphasizing the importance of tailored strategies based on customer awareness levels. Additionally, it outlines the common mistakes entrepreneurs make on social media and advocates for a balanced approach between value posts and harvest posts. The lesson also introduces the concept of "jab, jab, right hook" and stresses the importance of context in social media messaging. Furthermore, it explores the power of PPC advertising in hunting for customers, emphasizing scalability, limitless inventory, and methodical quantification. Finally, it addresses the early-stage mindset, discussing the importance of investing in social proof and optimizing ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. Social media isn’t meant to be one giant commercial. It’s meant to be conversations (at scale).
  1. The 80/20 rule of value and harvesting essentially states that 80% of your posts should strictly give value, and 20% of them can be commercial and intended to sell your product.
  1. You’re super early. Your profit margins will only get better. Profit in the early stages is not as important as figuring out how to make and sell your product. Your repeat usage rates will go up as you get better at deploying a better product. Your cost of customer acquisition will go down because you’ll have more social proof (testimonials, ratings, reviews, community pictures/videos, thriving social media pages). So just bite the bullet in the early days to ensure you’ve got oxygen pumping into your system.
  2. Taking the time to match what you’re trying to say to the social media platform for which you’re saying it on is crucial.
  3. It’s dramatically easier to use hard number-oriented metrics that prove if we’re moving in the right steps and attribute our PPC efforts directly to our traction/sales

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Meet The Judges

Casie Goldstein
Casie Goldstein
Owner, All Paws Retreat - Columbus, Ohio

Casie Goldstein is the innovative founder and owner of All Paws Retreat, a premier facility offering dog daycare, boarding, grooming, training, and nutrition coaching for pups of all sizes, shapes, and breeds. With a strong commitment to the safety and overall health of every dog, Casie ensures that both pets and their owners receive top-notch care through 24/7 online access, live webcams, detailed report cards, and more. As a seasoned business professional, Casie has a proven track record of identifying consumer needs, enhancing customer experiences, and leading process improvements to drive long-lasting solutions. She excels in cultivating lasting relationships, developing comprehensive strategies, and executing measurable campaigns to meet and exceed goals. A self-starter with a passion for continuous learning and innovative thinking, Casie consistently pushes the boundaries to develop new skill sets and elevate the pet care industry.

Dr. Universe Konadu
Dr. Universe Konadu
CEO, Universe Konadu - Jersey City, NJ

Dr. Universe Konadu, raised in the inner city of Dallas, TX, as the youngest daughter of a hardworking single mother, experienced the challenges of being a latch-key child. The idle time and lack of supervision led to academic and personal struggles, but her introduction to the arts, particularly spoken-word poetry, became a transformative force in her life. In 2008, driven by intuition and determination, she moved to New York City with just $22 and a dream. Overcoming numerous challenges, Dr. Konadu expanded her work from Texas to the tri-state area, marking the 10th year of her business. Passionate about making a difference, she uses creative arts to empower girls and women, helping them heal their past and turn their pain into personal power. Her vision is to inspire change and empower others to re-imagine their life's trajectory.

Emily June Wilcox
Emily June Wilcox
CEO at Emily Wilcox Coaching - Los Angeles, CA

Emily June Wilcox is a multi 7-figure CEO and Business Coach, Money & Business Mentor, and Podcaster, as well as the creator of Money Wound Medicine™. She is dedicated to helping women walk the joyous path to millions while being a mother of two. Emily has built two 7-figure businesses and a multi 6-figure business, all while raising two children and working just 20 hours a week—a feat accomplished through team building and healing her money wounds. Using her proven Money Wound Medicine™ healing program and personalized, hands-on business coaching, she enables clients to scale their businesses quickly while working less and enjoying life more. Emily has extensive experience with various business models and growth strategies and is an expert in energetics, using her intuition to guide clients into alignment. She has coached over 100 entrepreneurs to heal their money wounds, balance masculine and feminine energy, and align with the joyous path of conscious wealth. Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs build massive wealth while truly enjoying the present moment.

Henry Melton
Henry Melton
Owner/Operator at HM Safety Certifications - Las Vegas, NV

Henry “Hank” Melton is an American Red Cross LGIT and WSIT, and the Owner and Operator of HM Safety. As an American Red Cross Instructor and Instructor Trainer, he brings a rich background in education, communication, and recreation, serving Southern Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and California. Henry is also a seasoned professional in hospitality operations management, with extensive experience in luxury resorts, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. His diverse expertise ensures top-tier safety training and operational excellence across various high-end service industries.

Luke Wade
Luke Wade
Owner, KC Crew and MediaAlly - Kansas City, MO

Luke, an energetic and adventurous individual who’s always on the lookout for exciting new experiences in his city, started his business when he was frustrated by the lack of engaging activities and quality events. What began as a small initiative has blossomed into an incredible success story, with over 51,000 participants engaged in diverse activities like Sand Volleyball, Basketball, Pickleball, Cornhole, kickball, softball, and more, spanning the entire city. He also orchestrated one-of-a-kind events such as a Grilled Cheese Festival, an Underachiever’s Run, and a Zombie Crawl, attracting a staggering 16,000 attendees. These endeavors not only allowed Luke to leave his conventional job five years ago but also enabled him to foster a thriving, interconnected community. His once-small initiative now boasts four full-time employees, 40 part-time officials, and an office that has transformed into a bustling arena. Driven by his desire to make a positive impact, Luke is committed to helping others cultivate vibrant in-person and virtual communities. His dedication has earned him numerous accolades, including the 2018 25 under 25 Award from Thinking Bigger Business Media, the 2017 Innovation Partnership Program award, the 2017 Social Sports Industry Association Product Innovation Award, the 2016 Social Media Club Trailblazer of the Year Award, the 2014 Mayor Sly James’ Challenge Cabinet recognition, the 2014 Rising Star Award from NonProfit Connect, and the 2013 Urban Hero Award from the Downtown Council.

Michael Tate
Michael Tate
Founder & COO, Infinite Composites Technologies - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Michael Tate is the founder of Infinite Composites Technologies and a dedicated entrepreneur passionate about manufacturing and technology development. With a strong focus on sales, marketing, business strategy, and operational efficiency, Michael has extensive experience in securing funding through federal, state, and private grant institutions, as well as through commercial and government sales and private investments. His specialties include business development, operational structuring, quality assurance, communication strategy, fundraising, and product development. Michael excels in developing leads, nurturing relationships, and closing deals, while also organizing and developing processes to meet quality management standards. He successfully developed an AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015 quality management system from scratch and is adept at verbal and written communication across various marketing platforms. Additionally, he has a proven track record in capturing private and state grant funds, securing SBIR/STTR awards, and assisting with private capital raises involving venture capitalists and angel investors. Michael's expertise extends to start-up consulting, business model development, and overall business strategy, making him a versatile leader in the field.

Paul O’Brien
Paul O’Brien
CEO, MediaTech Ventures - Austin, TX

Paul O'Brien, known in the industry as SEO'Brien, is an esteemed online technology and startup veteran with a rich background in the search industry. Currently, he plays a pivotal role in Venture Capital Economic Development, supporting investment in entrepreneurs. Paul's passion for media innovation and investment led him to establish MediaTech Ventures, a venture development group focused on the media industry. As a former Venture Partner at Meaningful Ventures, he also founded and directs Funded House and serves as the Director of Founder Institute for Texas. With a seasoned marketing career that began at Yahoo! and HP, Paul has been instrumental in the early growth of notable startups such as (acquired by GoDaddy), Zvents (acquired by eBay's StubHub), and MicroVentures (Venture Capital). Despite his current focus, he possesses a strong technical background, having built websites in the '90s and continuing to produce content at Recognized as an influential voice in the industry, Paul was featured in the book "Online Marketing Heroes" and frequently speaks at startup and media conferences, sharing his insights and expertise.

Peter Busch
Peter Busch
Chief Strategic Officer, Flawless - Austin, TX

Peter Busch brings over 20 years of industry experience in film production, technology growth stage and go-to-market. He started his career in traditional 2D and 3D animation with Warner Bros. and Paramount respectively. He previously worked with computer vision company Image Metrics in 2007, where he was instrumental in the initial adoption of its facial animation technology, used in the Academy Award winner The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Nominated in 2015, for a Scientific and Technical Academy award, Busch’s other notable accolades include Kong vs Godzilla, Horizon, Call of Duty, Madden, FIFA, Halo, and Destiny. Peter helped co-found facial animation B2B Faceware Technologies in 2012, helping expand its reach to nearly 4,000 studios in 90 countries around the world. The company’s technology was used on numerous projects in Film, TV, AAA Games, VR, AR, and MR before its acquisition by Facebank, Inc. in 2021. Known for his adeptness in crafting brand strategies, shaping corporate vision, orchestrating product releases, and implementing effective growth plans, Peter has also mastered press and marketing strategies. With a history of managing teams ranging from 5 to 45, he has achieved remarkable results, boasting over 170% revenue growth since 2019. Armed with a unique blend of artistic appreciation and technical prowess, he successfully marketed tech products, tools, and services to the realms of AAA Gaming, CG Animation, VFX, and Academia, fostering relationships with over 250 key industry accounts. Renowned as a speaker, Peter has delivered keynote presentations at international conferences and earned two SciTech Academy Award nominations, along with securing adoption by major entertainment franchises. Peter’s influence has extended globally, orchestrating B2B growth across 3,500 studios and academic institutions in 85 countries, culminating in an 8-figure exit collaboration with Facebank, Inc. in April 2021.

Tiffany Forsberg
Tiffany Forsberg
VP of Marketing and Co-Owner, Beyond Gourmet - Dallas, TX

Tiffany Forsberg is the VP of Marketing and Co-Owner of Beyond Gourmet, bringing over 25 years of luxury sales and marketing experience in the fashion and food industries. She leads the promotion of gourmet specialty items to top chefs, catering companies, and major food distributors nationwide. Committed to excellence in customer service, product quality, pricing, and education, Tiffany ensures that Beyond Gourmet offers food education sessions and menu consultations to chefs, as well as training for major food companies' sales teams. Leveraging her expertise in social media marketing, creative direction, and social networking, she enhances the brand's awareness and reach. Additionally, Tiffany pursues her passion for fashion and film as the founder of Tiffany Forsberg, a company specializing in jewelry design, celebrity styling, and film-TV production.

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